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individual session

method of complete reintegration of being through song

Integral Chant is
- a moment of spontaneous singing accompanied to allow you to go to meet your voice
- a method to release and balance your emotions
- a method to assert your place in the world
- a vibratory singing session
- a session to discover the physiological functioning of your voice.
- and an amazing encounter with his own voice as a healer.

It is at the same time the song of the body, the emotions and the soul.

During the session, we are accompanied by the shamanic drum and the Indian harmonium.
The discovery of shamanic drumming by the practitioner can also be part of the session.

Individual sessions from 1 hour 15 minutes to 65 €.
Location: Étang-Salé les Hauts.

To book your session now, contact me by email at

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