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Voice coaching reviews

"Nadège has a very good human and educational approach as well as the technique and knowledge to initiate, perfect and share her passion which is singing." Laurent

"Nadège is competent in her field. She really adapts to your expectations and needs. In addition, she is smiling. What happiness! If you are also looking for a person who can also help you develop your voice, not only for singing but also for speaking it, then Nadège is what you need. " Samuel

"I started at the beginning of September, to take singing lessons in a 3-person workshop with Nadège.
The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, and the follow-up is personalized. Nadège adapts to each student.
I recommend Nadège !!!! " Frederique

"Very great knowledge in vocal technique, very good pedagogy, Nadège adapts to all singers, whatever their level and their objective! I highly recommend!" Guillaume

"Nadège is an excellent singing teacher, attentive to everyone's desires and needs, I highly recommend her !!" Alexandra

"I just took part in a singing workshop with Nadège. Victoire! I found my teacher! Cheerfulness, friendliness, openness, rigor AND humor, efficiency, dynamic ... all the boxes are ticked: the 3h30 seemed to me 5 minutes. Thank you, Nadège, I can't wait to continue. " Béatrice

"Nadège is a REAL musician.
His teaching is based on a very solid knowledge of the physiology of the voice and the pathologies linked to poor vocal practice.
She has a very detailed analysis of the personality of her pupil and brings real facilitation thanks to very precise and physiological techniques.
Of course it specifies the interpretation with great certainty.
Nadège will be able to help you carry out your project. " Colette

"Very pleasant, very professional, Nadège knows how to take the students where they are in their musical journey - from the true beginner to the professional - to lead them to progress with a method adapted to each one, multiple and varied tools in a fun atmosphere and always benevolent ... And progress is not long in coming! " Francine

Concert notices

A very beautiful concert in a great concept. It was intimate, beautiful and a wonderful moment.
Thanks Sowa "


"Her warmth. Her sensitivity. Her sense of story. Her ability to take you with her on a singular journey, in places generally unexplored." Nicolas

"original, magnificent, the dream is to dream" Jean-Marie

"I travel with her each time (spiritually), her voice conveys it is energetically powerful, you would be wrong to miss it" Blandine

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